Beating the cornering jitters

I 'aint been riding long but one thing I've learned for sure: if you look down at the road when you corner, you just recede into an ever-tightening spiral of fear. It gets to the point where you feel like you're riding on egg shells around every bend. Something happens in the brain and you just get worse and worse until you almost can't ride at all. Solution: yes, scan for slippery bits on the corner as you approach it, but once you're satisfied it's a sound surface, LOOK UP  - and roll-on the throttle. You almost have to get to the point of thinking "I've done everything possible, if the back end still slips out, so be it!". At some point you just gotta trust that damn bike :) Thanks to Kevin at MCRider for his excellent videos on this. PS… a good comment I read on a forum was to also keep your hands light on the bars - that way, if you DO slip a bit, the bike will usually correct itself.


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