Me:  I gotta check this out...

Dion:  Nice, isn't it?

Me:  Moto Guzzi "Bellagio" ... what year?

Dion:  2009

Me:  Wow, it looks newer than that

Dion:  Yeah, I take pretty good care of it. I've ridden a number of bikes since buying this one new eight years ago but haven't found one I like better yet.

Me:  Cc?

Dion:  It's only 940

Me:  (why do guys always apologise for the size of their engines if they're not over 1000?) But I bet it still hops along, right?

Dion:  Oh yeah

Me: Interesting V arrangement for the cylinders (remember, I'm a noob at this)

Dion: Yeah, it's how all the Moto Guzzi v twins are

Dion was a bit of a late bloomer rider like me (been riding 9 years) and was heading off to ride the Himalayas for the second time later this year. Great stuff. I just LOVE how bikes bring people together. Really enjoying this instant camaraderie. It gets me talking to all sorts of people I normally wouldn't. And that's (almost) as good as the riding :)


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